Full Length LPs and CDs

title: The Source
producer: Bachir Attar & Marc Hurtado
label: Le Son Du Maquis
release date: 2010
notes: The album was recorded in Bachir Attar’s home.

title: Live Vol 1 (image links to store)
producer: Bachir Attar & Michael Gassert
label: Jajouka Records
release date: 2009
notes: Recorded live at Centro Cultural de Belém in Lisbon, Portugal on March 21st, 2007.

title: Master Musicians of Jajouka with Talvin Singh
producer: Talvin Singh
label: Point Music
release date: 2000
notes: Recorded in 1999 in Jajouka & London.

title: Jajouka Between the Mountains
producer: Executive Producers: Cherie Nutting, Eric Sanzen & Steve Carnaby. Producer: Tchad Blake
label: WOMAD / Real World Records
release date: 1996
notes: Recorded live at Peter Gabriel's Real World studios while on tour in 1995.

title: Brian Jones Presents: The Pipes of Pan at Jajouka
producer: Brian Jones (Reissued by Philip Glass)
label: Rolling Stones Records / Point Music
release date: 1995
notes: Reissued in cooperation with the Rolling Stones, the estate of Brian Jones and Point Music. Features 2 new remixes.

title: The Apocalypse Across the Sky
producer: Bill Laswell
label: Axiom
release date: 1992
notes: Recorded in 1991 in Jajouka.

title: The Master Musicians of Jajouka
producer: Joel Rubiner
label: Adelphi Records
release date: 1974
notes: Recorded in Jajouka in the summer of 1972. With special thanks to Brion Gysin and liner notes by Robert Palmer.

title: Brian Jones present the Pipes of Pan at Joujouka
producer: Brian Jones
label: Rolling Stones Records
release date: 1971
notes: Recorded by Brian Jones in 1968 in Jajouka after being brought to the village by Brion Gysin and Mohammed Hamri.

Collaborations & Solo Projects

artist: various
title: The Cell Soundtrack
producer: Howard Shore
label: New Line Records
release date: 2000
notes: Recorded in England with the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

artist: Various Artists
title: Axiom Ambient: Lost in the Translation
producer: Bill Laswell
label: Axiom
release date: 1994
notes: Music for the inner cinema. Contains “Flash of Panic”. An ambient soundscape of Jajouka recordings.

artist: Nicky Skopelitis
title: Ekstasis
producer: Bill Laswell
label: Axiom
release date: 1993
notes: Bachir Attar collaborated on two tracks with Nicky Skopelitis.

artist: Various Artists
title: Cash Cow: The Best of Giorno Poetry Systems 1965-1993
producer: Chris Stein
label: Giorno Poetry Systems, Eastside Digital
release date: 1993
notes: Bachir Attar performs Gimbri on the track “Moroccan Roll” with Debbie Harry

artist: Bachir Attar
title: The Next Dream
producer: Adelphi Records
label: Bill Laswell
release date: 1992
notes: Recorded in 1991. features Bachir Attar, Aiyb Dieng & Maceo Parker.

artist: Bachir Attar with Elliott Sharp
title: In New York
producer: Michael Gnuth
label: Enemy Records
release date: 1994
notes: Bachir Attar downtown with the musician Elliott Sharp in New York. Improvisation meets North African tradition.

artist: Rolling Stones
title: Steel Wheels
producer: Chris Kimsey
label: Rolling Stones Records
release date: 1989
notes: The Rolling Stones traveled to Jajouka in 1989 to record with the Master Musicians on the song “Continental Drift”. As documented by the BBC.

artist: Ornette Coleman
title: Dancing in Your Head
producer: Bryan Koniarz
label: A&M/Verve
release date: 1975
notes: In 1973, Robert Palmer and Ornette Coleman traveled to Jajouka and recorded the epic “Midnight Sunrise”.